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I suffered from chronic cystitis for over ten years. I first started to get it severely from the age of nineteen. Almost every week I would have an attack, which would last for 4 hours, and then the rest of the day or night to recover. Sometimes an attack would last for three days. My symptoms were shaking, sweating. The extreme discomfort in my bladder took over my whole body. It felt like I was passing shards of glass when I went for a wee. Sometimes there was blood. Sex made my cystitis ...
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My recovery from M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome September 2009 Five years ago at the age of 24 I became increasingly anxious suffering with frequent panic attacks, depression, insomnia and M.E. symptoms. I believe that this was brought on by intense prolonged stress and childhood trauma. I gradually started to loose confidence to do simple things, even reading took too much energy and was so unwell I couldn’t even lift a shopping bag or stand up for longer than 10 minutes without feeling ...
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I had troubled teenage yrs, mostly in hindsight due to lack of self esteem /confidence caused by wearing braces, having bad skin and being relativly flat chested (although at the time i did not realise this) ... I felt like an ugly ducking, I had always been an attractive child (so im told!!) and felt the transional yrs toward adulthood very diffficult... I did the classic drinking too much, smoking, sleeping with too many people, late nights... shocking my parents etc.... I ended up leaving hom ...
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I had cystitis on and off for 7 years, it was complicated by the fact that I worked on boats so access to antibiotics was at times limited and I had to keep my own records to show to different doctors as I was constantly travelling. Finally antibiotics stopped working for me. (TMP is the only one that sort of helped at the end.) It was so painful and intensely disruptive to my life. I now have me/cfs which is even more disruptive than cystitis, and while the cause of me/cfs is unknown, I ...
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I tried to commit suicide 2 months ago because I had nothing left. Growing up, I had always figured out another way of doing things by personal opinion and argument. If I felt accosted, I got mad; if got treated differently, I got sad. I got really mad and really sad for a long time until I beat the system. I became popular, beautiful, well-liked, and respected. I turned heads and asked for discretion against others with demand. Then, for some abrupt reason, I realized I had done a really good ...
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I suffered terribly a year of chronic cystitis, it might have been interstitial. It doesn't really matter. No one helped me, so I decided to find a solution on my own. I used homeopathic remedies(cause I know they work, my mom had some other chronic problems, and she got rid of them with homeopathics). Now I got from 0% good to like 80%good. I wanted to help all other women like me, so I wrote the system I developed and used. I wrote the way for cure myself, read it and use it if you want, but k ...
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