How I got rid of 24/7 suffering of Chronic/ Interstitial Cystitis

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I suffered terribly a year of chronic cystitis, it might have been interstitial. It doesn't really matter. No one helped me, so I decided to find a solution on my own. I used homeopathic remedies(cause I know they work, my mom had some other chronic problems, and she got rid of them with homeopathics). Now I got from 0% good to like 80%good. I wanted to help all other women like me, so I wrote the system I developed and used. I wrote the way for cure myself, read it and use it if you want, but know that i believe this can help anyone:

First know that what you need is a Constitutional remedy( it is OK that you don't know what that is yet)go to this site, here is a search engine of honeophatic remedies :
You need a remedy that suits your desease and your Mind( that means constititional), so check MIND and URINE.
Now on the next pages check all the things from the listed that are close to your personality(mind) and your cystitis symptoms.
Know that it could take around an hour to finish answering the pages( but it is important to read carefully everything) and an hour checking stuff is better than a lifetime of suffering.
So, when the test is done, you will get the results, with percentages. Don't be alarmed if they are mostly like 30 % percent. It doesn't mean that the one for you isn't among them, so scroll to the names and percentages, then take a picture.
Now during the next couple of days , at least 2 days between tests, and at least 2 more tests, take the test again and take a photo of the results.
Next get the photos and on a piece of paper rate 1 to 10~15. So the one that has the most percent(or is closer to the front) is first the second is next and so on.Now either read up on the personalities corresponding to the first 5 or 10 remedies and choose the one that sound the most like you( know that that is a lot harder than it sounds, so pay great attention to the personality descriptions).Or you can just take the first one into account ( but reading up would produce better, faster results.
So, choose the remedy and make sure it is a Constitutional( check into google) and buy it into 30CH( sometime it spells just C) from a pharmacy that sell homeopathic remedies( if there is none around you, order it from the net). Don't worry those remedies aren't expensive. Even if you have to try a few before you find the one that works for you, you will spend a lot less than a lifetime of antibiotics and suffering.
When you have the remedy in your possession, know that it acts the best and how it should, when it is taken in water. So take a clean and empty plastic bottle of water ( 0,5 l) and fill it up with around 100~200 ml of tab water. If it is chlorinated leave it open 10~20 mins. Then take 4 pellets( the small pills) from the remedy ( with the cap, do not touch them with your hands) and put them into the water. Close the cap and leave for around an hour for the pills to dissolve. When they dissolve, the remedy is ready and it lasts around a week( after that it might go bad, so if needed make new one.
Now remember that every time you take a dose( the cap of the bottle is the dose and yes, I know that the caps are different sizes, but with homeopathic s that doesn't matter), you have to shake the bottle vigorously 20 ~ 30 times, pour into the cap and take under your tongue. Keep it there for 2-3 mins and swallow. And also no food 1 hour before the remedy and 20 mins after the remedy. With that said, the remedy should be taken like this: the first 4 days 4 times a days x 1cap(dose); after that 2 weeks 2 times a day x 1 cap. That is the general.
But first you have to find out if the remedy is working for you, so do the first 4 days and see if there is a positive difference in the week after it. Please know that one or more symptoms might get worse for a couple of days but that is actually one of the best things that could happen, because it means it is working on full strength. Don't worry after a couple of days that stops and the whole illness gets better. If that happens do the next 2 weeks of treatment. Know that if the remedy is not the perfect one, but still close, you might get to some point of improvement and then no further even if you take more doses. But it is still good, because that improvement even not 100% is still for the most part permanent. So you are one step ahead.
If the remedy doesn't work or only improve to a point, then go back to the list 1 to 15 and choose the next remedy that sounds like you or just the second on the list.
Repeat the taking for 4 days, and according to what happens ( like the above instructions) do that with a couple of remedies until 100 % free of cystitis or until satisfying results.


When I did that i went from 0% good to like 80% good in 5 tries( 5 different remedies), but it takes some time, because it is best to put at least 1 or 2 weeks of rest between trying different remedies. But it is all worth it.
Put the different remedies in different bottles
If at some point something happens in your life that lowers your immune system's strength some symptoms might return, and you need to take from 1 to 4 days of 4 doses a day from the remedy which gave you the most relief. And everything will be ok again.Thing that lower immunity might be very strong depression, stress, a diet, and so on.
Until this day I say no to herbal teas, because once one made my remedy effects disappear, and I had to take new doses, consider it.
As I said for some reason symptoms might appear again, but don't live in fear, because if that happens, you dissolve the pellets as above, take for a few days( depending on the severity) and you are fine again. And even the next time that level of immunity lowering will affect your cystitis a lot less, or not at all. You just get stronger.
The best thing is you can live your life the way you want with these remedies, drinking alcohol, eating chili, garlic, having as much sex as you want, not fearing cold or wet and so on.As I see it they work by teaching your body to fight stronger and more successful the disease, which is a lot better than taking antibiotics and all sorts of pills like that all the time( which don't even work).
Take note that while you take homeopathic remedies and some time after that you shouldn’t take mint in any form, no coffee(caffeine is O.K.), no antibiotics or stuff like that, and just to be safe no herbs or herbal teas. Believe me, for those results that small sacrifice is nothing.

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I recommend rinaedg Making Life Better for a Child with Acid Reflux'. The authors are Tracy and Mike Davenport. You can order it online if your bookstore doesn't have it.
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if you have frequent UTI's and know this is what it is you can often call the docotr and request that and antibiotic be called into the pharmacy. In the meanwhile stop all caffine and fizzy drinks. Drink water and cranberry juice as much as possible. OTC meds I like are Cystex and Peridium. The cyctex breaks down uria crystals and the peridium lessens the pain and burning. Also it seems weird but I also have noticed a difference in the length of the infection if I drink 1-2 beers and they make you pee more and the alcohol might kill the bacteria.
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No, its not diet its stress. Over easetr i have beenlaying in bed eating (moderatly healthy), and not doing much exercise, or showering every day, in fact i havent showerd? that often. Guess what? My spots are going, when its school i shower every day! So it is stress, caused by school.
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