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For virtually my entire life I've always been really healthy, hardly ever taken any time off sick. In December 2005, age 22, I knew something was wrong with me, although I really couldn't put my finger on it. My energy levels seemed drained, for a few odd days in December I slept for virtually the entire day which was most unlike me. This continued for a month or two, until in January my health just fell off a cliff literally over night. It was pretty much exactly like I had flu, but instead of ...
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In 1974 I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled, urgently, in the dentist's lunchtime. He didn't remove the periodontic ligaments, for sure. These facts, I now realise, may be significant. In 1976 I became ill with fatigue and neuropathy. I was told it wasn't MS and to go home and get on with it. More symptoms appeared over the years. I didn't work - I couldn't sustain any job for long. I have raised two children but that was all I could manage. My mother has hypothyroidism and I realised I had the ...
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