My recovery from CFS due to osteonecrosis in my jaw

For virtually my entire life I've always been really healthy, hardly ever taken any time off sick. In December 2005, age 22, I knew something was wrong with me, although I really couldn't put my finger on it. My energy levels seemed drained, for a few odd days in December I slept for virtually the entire day which was most unlike me. This continued for a month or two, until in January my health just fell off a cliff literally over night. It was pretty much exactly like I had flu, but instead of the symptoms being over in a few days, they went on for weeks and months. I had headaches, muscles ached, felt extremely drained of energy. I developed a permanent sore throat. My sleeping also became extremely disturbed, in fact it got so bad, I totally lost control of it and basically had no day or night. I'd just wake up and sleep randomly.

For virtually 2 years about the only time I ever left the house was to go see the doctor. They performed all sorts of tests on me, mostly blood tests which showed virtually nothing. I had a slight anomaly on my liver function test, which they debated whether it was outside of the normal range for someone of my age, but came to no real conclusions and eventually diganosed me with CFS. Now you gotta understand, I already knew about CFS before I had this diagnosis, and it was a death sentence for me, because virtually all of my immediate family have had it. My mum has basically had it my entire life, and my sister had it for a good 5 years. Losing 5 years of my life into a giant black hole, or worse, staying like this forever, was just an unimaginable nightmare for me. Coming home from school when i was 15/16 and basically everyone in my house being asleep because they were all ill, wasn't especially fun.

I played the waiting game for, nearly 2 years. Put my health into the hands of the doctors, and they basically had no answers. None at all. So I realised the only person that was going to fix me, was myself, so I set upon a quest to find out what was wrong with me. I was really driven, and I had virtually unlimited time to work on this problem.

Anway to cut a long story short, I figured out I had osteonecrosis in my jaw. It turns out that things we are told are safe, are not safe. Root canal teeth are not safe, they are all toxic, very toxic to the body. When I had mine pulled, the dentist found that all the bone around the tooth had basically died and turned to mush, even though other dentists had x-rayed me and told me everything looked really good. You have to understand I had no pain or swelling or discomfort from this tooth. I had no pus etc etc, it all looked fine. I tried hard to convince myself that my front tooth wasn't toxic and root canal teeth aren't bad, but the more literature on the subject I read, the more I realised they do and can cause chronic disease in some people. When my health got so bad, I snapped and just had to try it. Looking back it was the right decision.

That wasn't the end of my health nightmare though, I had 2 other large infections in my jaw from horizontally impacted wisdom teeth. I had the teeth removed, it looked like it healed up fine. In reality I had holes in my jaw which were invisible to x-ray (they showed up on ultra sound). Again I had x-rays and they told me everything was fine. But the cavitat ultra sound I had, showed up a massive area of necrosis in my jaw. Anyway there are very few people in the world that can do this kind of surgery, because mainstream healthcare and dentistry basically refuses to admit the problem exists, even though probably a lot of people have it. If you've ever had a tooth extracted, you could have it. In fact according to the literature if you've had wisdom teeth extracted there's something like an 80% chance you have this problem. Everything looks fine on x-ray so who cares right? I found the one dentist in the UK that can do this kind of surgery, and when he opened it up, the necrosis I had was really extensive, and sadly for me extended under living teeth which I had to lose. It also smelt terrible when they opened it up. All the other dentists with their x-rays etc etc had missed it, and the doctors had failed with their blood tests.

It's been less than a month since I had the surgery, but already I feel a lot better. I have a lot more energy than i had a month ago and generally am feeling great. The pain I was getting in my lymph nodes in my neck has nearly gone. I still have quite a lot of healing to do from the surgery but I am getting there :) Really excited about getting my life back and having a real chance at a future.

Anyway, that's my story, I've also documented it in detail on my website, along with my ultra sound scans I had, my x-rays, and a few pictures of the surgery I had. I hope that the information on my website, might be able to help others.


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By CFS/ME Recovery Stories, 16-May-2010 03:58
Hi Ian Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have copied your story (and website link) to my Facebook group CFS/ME RECOVERY STORIES where it can give information and hope to others. I hope you approve (but if not, I will of course remove it). I would be honoured if you would consider joining the group and adding a comment about how long you've been recovered. I do hope your mum and sister are okay and on their way to a full recovery too. Best wishes to you all, Melanie x
By Belinda, 02-Dec-2010 03:55
So glad I've found this, and the Mungo hall clinic which you link to on your website ( I presume that's the one you refer to here?) I feel like I have a wrapped present to open. It's going to hurt and smell bad, but when I've gone through it all I'm going to feel energetic and alive again!
By Belinda, 02-Dec-2010 03:57
PS I could find no link on your website to make contact or leave comments. I presume the Forum page would have had something, but the link only takes you to your home page.
By Ian, 05-Dec-2010 13:01
Hi Belinda, I've tried to refrain from mentioning any named therapies or clinics as such, as it really detracts from the message. However yes I went to the Munro Hall Clinic. Graeme, the dentist is probably one of the best in the world at cavitation surgery. He has been doing it 15 years or so. Granted there aren't many people that do it, but either way if you go there you'll be in good hands I'm sure. The waiting list is long though .. and it's not cheap. I pretty much spent a fortune there. In fact a year after I posted the above, I actually had to go and have the surgery re-done as it didn't fully heal first time around. A nightmare yes, so I am on phase 2 of the recovery now. But without a shadow of a doubt it was what destroyed my health. Cavitations really are a life threatening problem, how mainstream healthcare can simply ignore them, god only knows. I am not sure if I would have made it to 30 with the progression of the cavitation I had. It was slowly just working it's way along my jaw destroying more and more bone, and taking my health with it. In contrast with others, their cavitations are often simply confined to the space that a tooth was extracted and do not progress through the bone. Hope this helps in some way, Ian
By ana, 16-Feb-2011 06:56
Les agradeceria por favor me den el nombre del doctor y el hospital en donde hacen este tipo de cirugias.Tengo a mi madre con este mal, ella se encuentra en Espania. Gracias.
By Kendra, 17-Feb-2012 07:50
I can't believe I have found this!! After 5 years of suffering with a foul taste coming from an extraction site, and 8 years of CFS I can't believe I've finally found someone who will believe me when I say there is a problem with my teeth!! I'm on the waiting list. :) Would really love to have a look at your website Ian, but I can't find a working link? Great recovery story, really inspiring and gives us all hope. xx
By Ian, 08-Apr-2012 04:29
Sorry for super late reply. My website went down when I changed ISP. Here's a pic of my problem. and
By The accident of finding this post has brigthneed m, 15-Oct-2012 23:16
The accident of finding this post has brigthneed my day
By Kat, 21-Apr-2013 01:46
My friend has CFS and her teeth have started to fall out, the dentist that came out to see her (At huge expense) told her that there is nothing that he can see wrong with her teeth and he thinks that she might be brushing too hard. Is it possible that she might be suffering something like you Ian?
By Ian, 21-Apr-2013 02:51
My problem wasn't with my teeth as such, but the bone under them. I think it is highly likely she could be suffering with the same.
By Nicki , 11-Nov-2013 11:48
Hi Ian, Just wondered, did you recover OK from the 2nd procedure? And was it near the nerve? I have been told I have cavitations but just don't know who to trust to treat them.
By Gracefaithjoy, 11-Dec-2013 09:24
Biological Dentistry may think that facial pain is caused by infected cavities, heavy metal allergies or root canals, hidden dental infections, and some may be aware of jaw cavitations infections. The jawbone infection can be link to many illnesses. So start asking around and find a specialist and let them help you get diagnosed correctly. I saw four ENT doctor not one mentioned sinus surgery I sent my MRI/CAT scan two top notch surgeons because I guess I just don't always trust doctors opinions because I've seen so much misdiagnoses ... sorry this is just my experience. Anyhow, the two surgeons studied the scans and told me I had severe sinusitius disease and suggested surgery. After suffering with flu like symptoms and CFS like symptoms along with a respiratory issues and heart palpitations. I see my dentist every 4 month for a teeth cleaning and general the tooth issues were never caught This went for TWO years well it was all the sinus issues were triggered by hidden infected tooth. When you have root canal from what I read in the research it is leaking virulent strains of bacteria and if your immune system is strong it is keeping it in check, regardless of having a strong system the immune system in now overactive which comes with a new set of health problems, but if you ever get really sick well these virulent strains can take over and this can all a cascade of some serious systemic issues, so for people with undiagnosed or unknown diseases there may be pain throughout the body a systemic infection it can look like chronic fatigue syndrome which was once known as Epstein barr virus so this is just a debate among doctors , when they see the symptoms, but can't figure it out so they label it I have researched cases where the doctor labels the patient with CFS but they have chronic appendicitis (very very rare), parasites or sinusitis or root canal infections or a hidden dental issue, allergies such as mold in your home work, or car, ( thi
By JM, 24-Feb-2014 19:23
Thank you for sharing your story, Ian. More people need to know about dental cavitations. I have had a problem with a root canal tooth for 3 years (which coincidentally is when I started to feel extremely fatigued). I visited a biological dentist and the cavistat scan showed osteonecrosis around the root canal tooth. I am scared to go to surgery this week, but hopeful that this will be the solution to my chronic fatigue.
By Grace, 11-May-2014 22:27
If your seriously ill like I was and doctor have no ideas what is making you ill, and , the regular dentist even the holistic dentists aren't able to help you just pay to get a cavitat ultra sound it will figure it out and you will be well in no time
By Dave, 20-May-2014 06:02
How are you doing now? I'm having Cav surgery next month.
By Boobelle, 23-Jun-2014 13:09
Excellent! & totally agree. I found Munro Hall in 2008 after suffering ill health after a root canal - seriously let down by NHS dentist and of course Doctors hav eno understanding of the head & related issues at all - dentists are always the experts for the majority of facial issues. I too had infected cavities from wisdom tooth extraction & infected sinus cavity from a root canal + other problems not to mention I didnt have a bite which was the cause of consistent jaw dislocation but my dentist failed to even pick up on. I only use Munro Hall now & travel from Yorkshire to BEdford every 2 years for my appointment. Excellent service provided and worth every penny.
By KV, 01-Jan-2015 19:57
I was not in the best of health but not the worst either when I developed necrotizing fasciitis of the gum tissue in my mouth. At first, the dentist just told me to go home and brush well because he had never seen it before. But it spread and worsened and took me 15 years and thousands of dollars to finally resolve (supposedly). I have all the symptoms of CFS/ME and have gotten worse, being completely debilitated and bed ridden now. Could mine actually be from the necrotizing fasciitis of my gum tissue?
By Barbara, 21-Feb-2015 12:10
I have an appointment in two weeks time to have nine root canal teeth extracted at Munro Hall. I had cosmetic dentistry about twelve years ago, lots of sparkly white crowns, the dentist did root canals on every crown, he said it was safer that way! I've had m.e. more or less since then, sometimes very seriously and sometimes I imrpove a bit. My dream is that once the toxic teeth are gone I will get well. The downside is that my nice crowns will be exchanged for dentures but maybe the upside is that I'll get my life back. I am very optimistic.
By Dave, 28-Feb-2015 21:23
Barbara, let me know how it goes!! I'm going back to them as soon as I can. Had to cancel last time due to personal reasons. Went to a Dentist in the US but still have problems!
By Barbara, 07-Mar-2015 07:23
Dave, I will post the story of the root canal extractions and I hope with all my heart I will be writing about improved health. The appointment is in 48 hours, it involves four days in Bedford and all of my savings and them some. The more I read about root canals the more sure I am that even if removal doesn't benefit my m.e. it will certainly diffuse a time bomb of other health issues. I find it incredible and terrifying that root canal treatment is still considered good practice.
By Barbara, 10-Jul-2015 01:46
I had my infected root canals removed in March. It's now mid July and the improvement in my health is dramatic, every week I get a little better. Last night I went to bed early, I was absolutely tired out after a really busy day. It was righteous tiredness, well earned, not the sick, exhausted feebleness that m.e. sufferers know so well. Good health everyone and get rid of those root canals.
By Nathalie, 12-Jul-2015 08:52
Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing your experience. I am considering going to Munro Hall to sort out 4 amalgam filled teeth which have been the bane of my life for the last 30 years... Could you share more of your experience if you could? How long was the waiting list? Where did you stay? How long did it take? You can email me direct at ndommett at me dot com if you prefer. Many thanks, Nathalie
By Barbara, 11-Aug-2015 07:12
Hi Natalie. I've emailed you, I hope you get it. Regards...Barbara
By Barbara, 12-Aug-2015 23:11
Hi Natalie. I've emailed you, I hope you get it. Regards...Barbara
By christine , 06-Oct-2015 15:05
Hi- I've heard that cavitation treatment can fail the first time as you mention was what happened in your case. Did you have to pay for the treatment again? Or did they do it for free? I've heard they use IV drips of vitamin C when they do this procedure do you have to pay for this all over again if treatment fails? trying to work out how much this is all going to cost. Cheers Christine
By Hi Fluer, are you in Australia as yes I've read lo, 17-Oct-2015 14:33
Hi Fluer, are you in Australia as yes I've read lots about Mickel Therapy in recovery and it just keeps conmig up. I've not been able to find someone here who does it. So brilliant to hear of your success. Only those of us who know what's it's like can feel your joy! Thanks heaps, Loretta
By Apparently the one juror who couldn't agree climas, 19-Oct-2015 18:11
Apparently the one juror who couldn't agree climas she was threatened and intimidated, too.There's two more test cases scheduled, plaintiffs attorneys are holding their breath, watching. I'm hoping for some kind of resolution. At any rate, it's an interesting story to follow.
By Richard, 02-Nov-2015 16:33
Hi Barbara. Great to read your story, thanks for posting it. I'm a CFS/ME sufferer so I know how hard this illness is. How are things going for you now? I am considering visiting the Munro-Hall Clinic too and would love to hear about your experience if you're willing to share with me. Thanks! Richard~
By sarah, 05-Nov-2015 13:08
IF you google munro hall you will see that they have been into trouble for extracting teeth unnescessarily and have found to be professionally negligent! Avoid ! CFS will not be magically cured with removing your teeth! Your teeth may possibly be in poor condition due to your illness or poor life style choices!
By Dr. Wes,I've seen various vesonris of these signs , 23-Dec-2015 12:55
Dr. Wes,I've seen various vesonris of these signs in my Chicago neighborhood, too. Rather than a government program, I believe they are pedatory scams designed to take advantage of folks who are having difficult financial problems.One of your patients
By Hi, Cort I am shamelessly pirmotong my little bo, 30-Dec-2015 07:44
Hi, Cort I am shamelessly pirmotong my little book A Beginner's Guide to ME/CFS' and a big book I have co authored with Les Simpson, a hemorheologist with a special interest in ME Ramsay's Disease.'Two things: I wish that everyone who discovers they have ME would get a copy of my Beginner's Guide, because, as a person laid low with ME in 1986, who has had fantastic good luck, along with very determined laziness allowing me to have followed a recovery path over the years I feel passionately that people who have ME need to know that there is a window right at the beginning when if you REST essentially, adopt an invalid life-style you can set yourself on a course towards getting better. If you try to fight it, and we ME people are fighters you get worse. And a medical recommendation that people who have ME need to be encouraged or coerced into exercise GET is one that sends too many people on the downward path to severe and permanent levels of disability. As a psychotherapist, I seriously object to the abuse of psychotherapy in the form of CBT in the service of the false illness belief' that ME is any kind of somatoform' disorder. The help ME people need from a therapist (if any) is to maintain their self-respect and sense of identity in the face of having to adopt an invalid lifestyle which is anathema to them. But the paradox of ME is that you start off as an invalid in order not to finish up as an invalid. My wheelchairs are gathering dust, but when I needed them, they were my best friend.The other thing is that hemorehology the study of the physical structure and properties of blood and red blood cells is not taught in medical school, and not part of the canon of medical knowledge. Medical students are taught that all red blood cells are biconcave discocytes and as the standard way of treating blood before micrograph is to wash the cells in saline and leave them around for a while giving them a chance to resume that shape
By Nicki , 16-Jan-2016 05:57
I was treated by Graeme Munro last year for 5 cavitations and I can highly recommend him and Lillian. Graeme is brilliant, there isn't much he doesn't know about dentistry and how it links to the body. 95% of dentists are brainwashed robots and they nearly ruined my health - the mainstream are not taught about heavy metals or the dangers of root canals/extractions, mostly it is driven by ££££ profits. My GP was next to useless and tried to get me on anti depressants! I lost my job and I was semi bed bound for 2 years, without a doubt I was on my way to premature death. Now I am on the way up, I have started campaigning on this issue because I dread to think how many thousands/millions of people are very sick right now, not realising that their problems start in their mouth.
By Ian, 04-Mar-2016 12:40
Hi Barbara, thanks for the 1 year update. It's great to here other people getting better the same way as me. It is a shame that there aren't more dentists out there that can help people. Removing infections and toxic metals should be common sense, not controversial.
By Barbara, 04-Mar-2016 22:17
It's now one year since I had my nine infected root canals removed. I am well. I don't feel at all sick, no more of that foggy brain, no more aching limbs, no more resting on the sofa all day. I don't think I'll ever have great energy unless I drastically change my eating habits so with that in mind I am now eating a mainly plant based diet with some eggs and fish. We'll see how it goes. It's doesn't mean that if you have root canals you will get m.e. But if you have m.e. and root canals then you may struggle to recover. I don't know where I would be without Munroe Hall, if only I'd found them a decade earlier. Until more dentists embrace holistic dentistry then people are going to be flying across the world to get the help they need. It is expensive but I'd rather have my life back than a facelift and people seem to find the money for cosmetic surgery when they wish to. As for the poster who commented on the court case against MH, well, a disgruntled client who can see a way to get paid out a whole heap of money in compensation isn't the person I would be listening to. I'd listen to those of us who have seen their health improved. Most dentists know nothing about holistic dentistry, tell them you had your roots removed and they throw up their hands and tell you you've been scammed. They spend every day putting poison into our heads and saving dead teeth so that they rot inside our gums and this is for the good of our health. I know what helped me and I know that Munroe Hall are decent people who know their stuff and spend their lives trying to turn the tide of dangerous and unhealthy dental practices. Good wishes everyone. Don't stop looking for the cure.
By Marianne, 14-Mar-2016 04:16
Hi Barbara your story is so encouraging. How have you found the adjustment to dentures? I have recently had a bridge in place following root canal extraction and due to get a further two root canals removed. I think I too may be heading down the route of dentures. Did it take long for you to heal & did you stay at the accommodation at clinic? Sorry for all the questions many thanks
By Barbara, 26-Mar-2016 11:27
Hi Marianne. I stayed at a B&B close by, The Garden Rooms at Stagsden. It was lovely and Joanne, the owner, is used to having MHC patients to stay, she even picked me up after my surgery. I didn't get on with dentures, they didn't fit, I was really miserable with them. In the end I sold a kidney and paid for bridges! I do need two zirconium implants as I don't have the back teeth needed for eating raw foods and nuts. I'm going to Bulgaria for those, I've done the research, I think it will be okay. My healing didn't take long, the vitamin C infusions speed things up. It was painful for a couple of weeks but strong paracetamol sorted it out. I must say, I'm not claiming a miracle cure here, I still struggle for energy, but I can definitely say that I don't feel ill at all. I need plenty of rest, I avoid going out in the evenings but I can get through a day quite well. I suspect that m.e. Will never truly leave me but if I had to assess my condition now I would say it is mild. Good luck on your journey. Sorry it took a while to reply, I only check this page every few weeks.
By Ian, 26-Mar-2016 12:02
Barbara, With regards to implants, what do you think prevents bacteria in your mouth traveling down the side of them into your bone? Natural teeth the periodontal membrane is also a bacteria seal. And teeth have a fluid defense mechanism which basically flushes the socket. Long term an implant will cause the kind of problems you have been fighting against. Unfortunately nothing will be as good as you real teeth. That said I have a bridge on my front tooth and it's quite satisfactory.
By Barbara, 27-Mar-2016 12:17
Hi Ian. It's really tough trying to decide what's best to do. I am struggling with just ten teeth in my top jaw. I know MHC don't do implants but they did say that if I go ahead with them I should only have zirconium. I don't know what to do now. Does anyone know how to go about getting really good dentures that don't need to be glued in place and actually fit? The last two lots I had were useless.
By Ian, 28-Mar-2016 03:15
My original plan for my front tooth was to get a zirconia implant. But I didn't have enough bone to have it done. But knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have it done. I had a gap for a while, and later got a bridge. But when it was first put in, I hated it for at least 2 months. But now it feels basically normal. Sometimes you just gotta used to these things. But nothing will ever be as good as your real teeth. For me, I couldn't have anything again that could be detrimental to my health. Spent enough time verging on being a vegetable. But for people who have never had serious health problems, maybe the choice is a lot easier.
By Barbara, 29-Mar-2016 01:16
Hi Ian. It's really tough trying to decide what's best to do. I am struggling with just ten teeth in my top jaw. I know MHC don't do implants but they did say that if I go ahead with them I should only have zirconium. I don't know what to do now. Does anyone know how to go about getting really good dentures that don't need to be glued in place and actually fit? The last two lots I had were useless.
By John, 11-May-2016 12:05
Hi everyone. I've been to Munro Hall and had some treatment done with a Root Canal removed, and down the road my four cavatation sites cleaned out when I can afford it. Unfortuantely the Munro's are facing some problems from the UK Dental Council who would probably prefer Munro Hall shut down altgether! We do need dentists like the Munro's, but forces are moving against them, and I just hope that the Munro's can carry on with their dental practice outside of Bedford. So many people have underlying health conditions due to mainstream dentists not being trained at University level about the dangers of root canals, cavitations and amalgam filings. I'm already battling against Amalgam Illness due to having 10 mercury fillings placed in my mouth over a two decade period. I had my fillings removed in 2011, but it's money or the lack of money that prevents me from getting better. Hopefully I will recover down the road once i've chelated, but that's still some way off yet. You would of thought that in 2016 mercury would be banned outright, but dentists are still drilling and filling people's teeth with this highly deadly toxic material. I dread to think how many people just in the UK have syndromes, disease and other conditions related to mercury and bad dental work that contribute to overall bad health. It's frightening indeed!
By Janina , 17-May-2016 04:17
I too am planning to be treated at the Munro Hall clinic this summer it is very expensive but no glands are up in my neck and I Mira everybody else's symptoms of chronic fatigue and and in a crisis in my jaw showed up on the national health can be in scan which was terrifying since the NHS dental x-rays showed nothing only told me nothing was
By Janina, 01-Jun-2016 20:26
My previous post is garbled because of dictation I think. The proof that I have necrosis in my jaw is a dry socket following extraction, meaning there was underlying infection. The XRAY shows opacity from that extraction in a line to a cyst adjacent to front tooth. NHS recognise the cyst but not the remaining opacity. Now I must wait for the M-H clinic debridement etc to see how this extraction site resolves. I firmly believe that there is an audible silence in dentistry to overlook this pandemic. It will eventually mean that root canals are not performed, nor amalgam used, so we are in a no mans land of limbo. There is no join up between dentistry and medicine. Oral maxillary have to pick up the pieces which keeps them in work I suppose. But they all must get taught by the same professors. Therein methinks lies the problem. We need a new generation to think outside the (jaw) box. They MUST know. How many of us are there. The way they brush off symptoms of malaise, earache, swollen lymph nodes, cutaneous draining,'s not rocket science. I had aGP lecture me on the division between dentistry and medicine, in her eyes never the twain shall meet. And a consultant tell me the facial lesion was not anatomically close to the infected Mercury in the bone. (About 1cm!!!) AND the lesion appeared the week the "dentist" "root filled" a tooth, forcing amalgam into the bone, charging £188 per session per root plus a Pte Prescn of augmentin (filthy, filthy drug). £7k for botched root fillings causing all this misery 8 years later. Oh, and then sending legal threats. Thats what they do when they fear you may come after them, defensive. Oh for honesty and transparency in that "profession". Amalgam plus infection is a toxic emergency. That dentist couldn't fit Lego let alone place a root filling (all of which were probably unnecessary). I asked him "you're not filling with Mercury are of course you're not, silly moi" NOT!!
By Ian, 06-Jun-2016 04:56
You are right that there is no join up between dentistry and medicine. Dentists really know little if anything about health, and doctors know nothing about the mouth. My doctor told me straight 'I know nothing about the mouth'. In hindsight that wasn't a bad thing because it meant I had to search for answers myself. My doctor was actually most helpful in my recovery though. At my request he sent me for an MRI of my face, which clearly even to the layman showed I had a large black area where my wisdom tooth once was. Unfortunately the head of the maxillofacial department at the hospital wrote it off as normal, and basically left me to die. I think if I had that kind of obvious problem in any other bone or part of the body they would at least do a biopsy. But apparently these lesions in dentistry are 'normal'. Change must happen from the bottom up. If people think that root canals are always safe and effective (up until the point they fail) then they will continue to demand them. However if they learn that a root canal might potentially have devastating toxic consequences they might make different choices.
By Sue, 15-Jun-2016 06:52
Hi Ian, happy with your recovery. Same here with CFS and going to see NHS specialist today and have Root canal tooth removed next year due to jaw infection. I will have my amalgam fillings removed in a later stage.I don't want implant as I developed allergies. How was your bridge? Did you have abutment done? I really would like a fixed bridge with minimal abutment. Thanks for sharing!
By Sue, 16-Jun-2016 03:35
I meant tooth removed next week. I am so worried about all this.
By Sue, 16-Jun-2016 06:24
I meant tooth removed next week. I am so worried about all this.
By liz, 22-Jun-2016 12:21
Hi Ian, glad to have found this. I have had a nightmare with cavitations and three failed surgeries and now have some very serious acute infection thanks to the last attempt. I went to Munro Hall today and they have booked me in for surgery next week as they see this as an emergency. I couldn't make out whether the second surgery was completely successful (maybe it's there but can't find it!) I am so nervous after all the failed attempts and my immune system and energy are on the floor after two extensive surgeries in four weeks with another one to come. Any words of reassurance would be very VERY welcome : ) Thanks and my love and best wishes to all fellow sufferers. I hope you reach a good outcome
By liz, 22-Jun-2016 12:22
Oops - sorry I meant whether your second surgery was successful - not mine, which definitely wasn't. Are you feeling god now?
By Liz , 22-Jun-2016 12:23
Good, not God, although He is definitely very much on my mind!
By Ian, 22-Jun-2016 16:38
Hi Liz, I can't really help with any specific problems, can only really draw on my own experience. I had a total of 3 cavitations, 2 from wisdom teeth, + 1 from a root canal. Two cavitations healed after 1 surgical attempt. But my largest and most serious infection took 3 attempts. And I had it opened up a 4th time and the bone drilled into just to make sure the bone was sound. Thankfully it was! But cavitation surgery unfortunately has a failure rate. I wish there was more dentists, and more research in this area by the relevant organizations to reduce this but there isn't. But if you can permanently get rid of these infections .. it's worth it. I had no choice but to continue to the end because I was so completely disabled by my infection. But now my health is good, not only is it good I am actually physically fit and pretty strong now. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the result you want.
By Liz, 28-Jun-2016 11:59
Hi Ian, just had my surgery today and what they found was a bit of a nightmare scenario following two surgeries by a supposed expert in this (maxillofacial surgeon and former dentist) in Spain. Turns out he and his side kick/woman who recommended him are in it for the money and don't give a damn about people's health. Long story short he nearly killed me, tok my money and things have gone very quiet from him and the person who recommended him so I will be taking legal action - just what we need on top of al this! BUT back to MH - they were so good and so dedicated. I know cavitation surgery is a bit of a lotery but I have faith that they will be there and do what they can to help if it becomes necessary. After all these years I hope our persistence is rewarded and we can have a 'nomeal' life. Good luck to you, too, and to everyone else suffering from this distressing situation.
By Liz, 28-Jun-2016 12:00
Can't even blame anaesthetic for all the typos :/
By Moseratos, 17-Jul-2016 16:32
Can jaw cavitie make the jaw to shrink without even noticing or feeling pain?
By Christine, 27-Jul-2016 14:29
Liz- just wondering if you are healing from your most recent cavitation? I had root canalled teeth removed at Munro hall and they both ended up with dry socket and infected so need to be redone-
By Liz, 18-Sep-2016 16:05
Hi Christine. SO sorry, I came back to this site to look for updates and have only just seen your question. Sadly I have still had a lot of trouble from the cavitation site despite ozone injections, high dose vitamin C, having the purest of diets. It really is a nightmare :/ I do feel better than I did but if I have anything like a normal life - even for a day - I pay the price. I am still in pain most of the time. Wish I could be more encouraging but these things really are a nightmare. There are a couple of others I met at MH having similar problems so I just think some people are more unfortunate than others. MH check progress after 6 months but I am not sure I should wait that long given the level of the pain I am in now. I am hoping to go this coming week so I will update then. Are your infected areas cleared up now? Do hope so!
By June, 22-Jun-2017 08:27
Hello Ian, I am someone soon to go to the Munro-Hall clinic for a consultation regarding a root canalled tooth - done by another dentist. I will have a Cavitat scan done too to check my jaw bone for any issues around the tooth. I know forsure I will need the tooth extracted but on from reading all of the posts here I can see that I may well be told that I have other issues in my jaw bone in need of treatment - it seems a 'regular' thing for the patients at the MH clinic to have 'various' issues sighted not just the ones (or twos or threes I think in your case) that are first gone in for.... Can you say anything about how assured you've been your experience at the clinic with all the diagnosis you've been given? Did you see the scans yourself and was it obvious where the cavities and infections were?.... I know the Munro-Hall dentists are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their field and are real pioneers for the 'good' in dental health (I've watched various lectures and interviews online - with Graeme especially) but in reading through the posts here the number of extra cavitations regularly found and the various 're-do's' often needed for surgery leave me feeling a little concerned. And the costs for the treatments are pretty high..... Thank you in advance for any reassurance or comment you might able to give. Kind regards, June
By Ian, 22-Jun-2017 16:06
Hi June. The point of my story was just really to raise awareness of the problem rather than talk about any particular clinic. But my experience at the MH clinic was positive. They basically saved my life. I had really just 1 large obvious problem. And yes I saw all the scans and other images. I too also experienced surgical failure. It took 3 attempts. But I was so completely and utterly disabled by my infection I had no choice but to continue. But the pay off for me was great because now I am really fit and healthy. I'd say especially for older people, they generally have more fillings/root canals/extractions/implants etc. So probably accumulate a lot more problems. If you really are interested in this subject I'd suggest reading some books or other such literature. So you can have informed consent if you go down this path. It's super important, because conventional wisdom and the standard of care are almost the polar opposite of what alternative dentists recommend. One path recommends saving teeth at all cost, and the other prioritises health over everything else. For older people with generally more severe health problems, sometimes that means tackling everything, and that can be quite a daunting and expensive task. Hope this helps - Ian
By June, 07-Jul-2017 02:46
Hi Ian, thank you for answering my post. I appreciate what you say re your story being about raising awareness for health rather than about commenting on any particular clinic - but meanwhile good to have your reassurance about MH. It was useful to have it pointed out also that repeat surgeries may be to do with the fact that 'older people' patients were involved - i.e where more issues were at hand from the start. I am relatively young - 55years old - and with a relatively good dental history and so hopefully there can be a simpler picture for me. Yes I will indeed do more reading - I am just about to purchase Toxic Dentistry Exposed by Graeme MH. I am slowly realising the extent to which conventional dentistry is polar opposite to the alternative one. Even if the alternative view is more extreme in terms of treatment plan the thorough clearing of all toxic residue held in the jaw makes complete sense if true healing is being sought. In my own situation I can feel now how my long standing digestive tract and liver issues are directly related to my root canal and infected tooth. I realise that having the tooth extracted is the only way now even if for some time I have been resistant. Thank you for sharing your story. Very good to hear that you have your health back and that you have had your life saved (even though a daunting and expensive process you had to pass through). You must feel enormous gratitude for alternative dentistry and for the MHs. Best wishes, June
By Impie, 25-Jul-2017 08:07
Hi Ian I have done extensive research on the effect Cavitations as well as amalgam fillings have on our health. I met a guy who wrote a book on how he recoverred from MS and the turning point for him was removing amalgalm fillings and having his cavitations cleaned out. He went from a wheelchair to 95% health and have not seen a neurologist in 13 years. The books name is Gonatural. Anyway, I started the research because I have seem to have nerve issues, dizzyness, hand weakness, neck stiffness and pain in the neck, lymph nodes. I am having my cavities cleaned out this friday. Will let you know how my health improves. PS, thks for sharing your story
By Howdy! This article could not be written any bette, 13-Oct-2017 05:03
Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I'll send this information to him. Fairly certain he's going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing! eeecfededbke
By vivek rana, 15-Dec-2017 01:10
FRNDSSSSSSS please try veniz xr 75 mg .. u ll be fine after 1 month & small dose does not cause any side effects ... be happy
By Pam, 26-Mar-2018 11:00
My husband had miraculous treatment at Munro Hall and I would like to be assessed there, but it has changed hands and he is unsure about the new owners. Is there another UK dentist Who does cavitation treatment do your know?
By Martin S, 30-Mar-2018 01:38
I am having cavitation surgery next week with David Harvie-Austin in London. David was trained by Hal Huggins and he uses ozone and IV vitamin c. Like Ian, I hope to make full recovery from cfs and multiple health problems. Thanks
By Nelson, 05-Apr-2018 23:18
Martin I hope your report back about your experience in London. In the 21st century, it really seems like people should be able to get the care they need in the same country that they live in. I'm in the U.S. researching a dentist here that knows about cavitations. I have a fractured tooth and numb jaw, that my dentist attitude is. "oh we will just wait and see" I have been ill for three years and .Have seen the 100 MD's they are totally clueless . I'm now seeing two respected ND's that are chronic illness experts . They laughed at what point the x ray finally can see an dental infection . That doc, told me he think 50% of your jaw would have to gone for the x ray to detect it ! In order for it to find the infected bone the percentage of infections has to be high. The problem is crystal clear the testing and x-ray methods are not able to see the infections .Once the bone rotted to a high level can it seen. Perhaps this is design so they can sell you more things to fix a bigger screw up than if they would of caught it from the get go. I cannot find anyone in U.S with a cavitat ultrasound ... I'm going to keep looking. Martin I hope that you will report back about your experience in London .
By Natasha, 26-May-2018 02:30
Hi Martin, can I ask how your surgery with David went? Am looking for a Cavitat surgeon in London so would be good to know if you would recommend? Thanks!
By Noora, 03-Dec-2018 22:04
Hi, Does anyone have references of dr. Dominik Nitschwitz in DNA clinic, Germany?
By Lizz, 02-Jan-2019 05:09
Thank you for this thread. I have been looking for a uk biological dentist to sort out my root canal, which I believe contributed to me developing cancer. It has never felt right since it was done 8 years ago. Could anyone give me a rough idea of price for a root canal please. I know it’s going to be costly, but would be an idea to know roughly how much before I spend the money on the first consultation. Many thanks
By Monika, 20-Jan-2019 17:20
Hi. I have been for initial consultation in Munro Hall. It cost £155 plus whatever else you do so e.g. cavitation scaning which mine costs £200. Removing tooth costs £ 450. If you contact them they give you price list.
By Dave, 06-Feb-2019 08:26
Hi, I'm really glad to have found this web page as I have been suffering far too long with my health which I think could be related to a 'botched' wisdom tooth removal many years ago. Further to Pam's comment above....has anyone had experience of MHC since Dr Bita Fox took over? I would also be really interested to hear from anyone who has suffered from chronic headaches and has found that it was down to teeth issues!
By Louise, 07-Apr-2019 07:54
Hi, Has anyone been to Munro-Hall for Root Canal removal/Cavitation treatment since it changed to the new owners/practitioners? Thanks.
By Barbara Parry, 02-May-2019 07:08
I was treated 7 years ago by MH, I had all my amalgams removed and inlays put in. All my symptoms of mercury poisoning resolved. However 7 years later, I have had to have all my inlays removed and composite filling out in as Graeme hadn’t fitted the inlays properly. So the new dentist is lovely ...but I’m a few grand poorer and gutted that I had to have it all redone. Apparently there are many patients returning with problems, so maybe he was not working as well near the end of his career?
By sara, 20-May-2020 11:31
Hello Liz, this is probably too late for you to see this, but I'm wondering who the doctor was that you had a bad time with in Spain. Thank you!
By David f, 23-Mar-2022 03:15
How are you now?
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