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How did it start I was walking around a car boot sale when I felt a throbbing pain in both my hips, by the time I got home the pain had increased. I didn’t think anything of it and spent the afternoon with my feet up. When I woke up the next day my muscles and joints felt so stiff that I could only walk around like I was 100 years old not 29. As the week went on the pain gradually crept up my back and I decided it was time to see my GP. I immediately had 5 blood tests for arthritis, rheumati ...
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I suffered with regular tummy discomfort for several years. I had bloating, and an achey sensation that moved around my abdomen. It came and stayed for a few days, then went for a day or so. I visited my doctor, who examined me, and told me I had IBS. I was prescribed several different drugs to limit the tension in my digestive system, but nothing seemed to help. I tried acupuncture, and visited a homeopath. I also tried a course of therapeutic counselling, thinking that maybe I was stress ...
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