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Five years ago I became unwell. My GP said my symptoms were anxiety, due to a family bereavement, I disagreed. All the same I got no further with him. After suffering with a sudden sensitivity to sound and visual disturbance, I went back. I had, meantime experienced, in my opinion, a virus. shivers, sweats, tinnitus. He added depression. Then I invited him to listen to my heart, which was racing. An ECG was rapidly arranged. The cardiologists mentioned a virus and a heart scan revealed a small electrical abnormality. My GP said that explained a lot. I began to hallucinate and suffer extreme panic when left alone. Then discharge came down my nose. A second GP diagnosed a abscess of the sinus and prescribed light weight anti biotics. The symptoms continued and got worse. My third GP looked at my thyroid, it was/is fine. A battery of tests were done; many blood samples taken. Nothing was found. I was so exhausted I could barely walk. The cardiologist said my small problem was not to blame, it was viral. My GP was adamant it wasnot as they couldn't find one. I survived, by telling myself it was viral. I crawled my way around the house and garden, feeling totally bewildered and isolated. I had no energy; but ate like a horse. My husband helped with everything. Gradually after some strong anti biotics given for a green cough, I began to gain a little strength. I began to slowly walk a fair distance and do light housework, resting constantly inbetween each tiny task, which felt mammoth to me. My husband was diagnosed with Glandular Fever last year, his symptoms were similar to mine but not so acute. I went to his GP and within 5 minutes had a diagnosis. Glandular fever related type virus with bacterial infection and CFS/ME. I could have kissed her. I am now pushing gently on. Gently. No rush, it's been 5 years, I've learnt patience. I hope, in time to be well enough to get my life back. I chat with others; on Fb , cyberspace and in reality to explain my story, so they can understand what is happening to them, as it is often a case diagnosis.

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By Thanks Pete, yes I have found that it is possible , 09-Jan-2013 08:59
Thanks Pete, yes I have found that it is possible to heal yorueslf of CFS/ME and there are many others with stories to match. Of course there are also many people who have not had that same experience and I don't wish to advocate that for everyone you can cure yorueslf. But, well, I just encourage giving it a go and seeing what happens. What have you got to lose? And you are right, I do think that for some it just gets too overwhelming and depressing and they in some way give up by hoping that someday there will be a cure developed. I just couldn't stay in that place. It was too dark for me and I couldn't survive there for long thus I had to keep pushing forward hoping, attempting, falling, crying, nurturing, hoping, and doing it all over again. Now I can truly say it has paid off and I now hope never to take my body for granted again!
By Great idea! Positive stories of poelpe recovering , 17-Oct-2015 14:00
Great idea! Positive stories of poelpe recovering from CFS are so rare. The media is filled with the horror stories' and it seems that the net is dominated by a few opinionated poelpe who believe their lives will never get any better until the cause of ME/CFS is proven and a drug found to remedy that.
By I did it! Your instructions were so good, Khaly, t, 30-Dec-2015 07:22
I did it! Your instructions were so good, Khaly, this cpmuoter illiterate got it done in Craigslist San Antonio, TX! This is fun, but hey, could we cut down on how much we have to do for the coming week? I'm getting rested up for the 3 days of CFSAC and doctor's appt's on Mon. and Friday of same week! WHOA Bessie! Getting too many requests for Advocacy all at one time! Probably just me, cuz it takes me forever to 1) understand the plan and 2) actually do it!Thanks everyone who took precious energy to do this! Neat.
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