I'm finally feeling great after recovering from CFS!

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Hi all! I have a long, long story but I'll try to summarize.....I got sick 'overnight' on Nov. 6th 1992. I told my boyfriend (my hubby now) that I felt weird and I had a pain in the back of my neck. This was the start of my misery. I was basically bedridden for the next 5 years; and then I was only able to do errands etc on my good days thereafter. I went to countless Dr's - had every blood test known to man, but everything turned out normal. Had 2 Spinal Taps, brain scans, MRI's. I had headaches that hurt so much I thought my head MUST be bleeding. My right arm was always in pain. In the beginning I had a yeast infection that just wouldn't go away... I went into NYC to a MS Specialist hoping that this is what I had (really-I wanted to be told I had something). MS Dr. said that there's good news and bad news: you don't have MS, but you do have some-kind of brain virus (w/ white matter on brain). Dr. put me on some rx, but w/ no change. Then I went to a nutritionist who put me on a variety of vitamins (72) a day, for 10 yrs. Still no change.

Before I got sick I was really, the happiest person I knew! Loved my boyfriend, loved my friends, loved to 'party' and just loved life. I had a stressful job but I thought that I was handling it well. Not!! That Fall of 1992 before I got sick, I was engaged and planning my wedding. I was beginning to feel stress, but isn't everybody a bit stressed when planning a wedding? Oh, one thing that I forgot to mention is that ever since high school, I suffered with extreme Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Everything I ate would shoot out of me in less then 1/2 hr. Sorry!!! I know now that this was one of the reasons why my body broke down.

We had to postpone my wedding to the following year - 'cause I couldn't get out of bed. We eventually got married, went to Hawaii for a 2 week honeymoon and I cried every day and night 'cause I was so sick and tired. My husband cared for me thru this all and never doubted my sickness. I had a lot of support which is so important - it kept me from going insane! I was finally put on an antidepressant that worked for me and helped me to sleep properly and to open my eyes a bit (Effexor - still on it!).

For the next 10 years, we tried to have a baby with no luck at all. I wanted a child so badly that I didn't care that I was so weak. Anyway, finally had babies thru IVF. :). :) :)

In 2012 I went to another Dr. Who specialized in Nutrition and chronic illness. She told me that my thyroid wasn't functioning properly and that my estrogen was non existent! She put my on Thyroid medication, estrogen & vitamins to build up my Adrenals.

After living in a nightmare for 20+ years, I finally snapped out of it and I'M WELL AGAIN!!! I am so thankful, but I'm also pissed off because this stupid disease took away 20 years of my life. I did a lot (traveled, had kids) during my sickness, but I always felt that horrible CFS sickness. I seriously cried for 20years... Anyway, back to getting better: I gradually got well over the next 6 mos. only after targeting these 3 areas: Thyroid, Estrogen, & Adrenal function. I do suggest that you go to a Dr. that specializes in chronic diseases & of course vitamin therapy. Pls email me if you have any questions! I feel so bad for you all and I want you to feel great again like I do. Hopefully after addressing these areas you'll get better a lot quicker then I did.
BTW MEN! Make sure your Dr. checks out your MANLY hormones too! GOOD LUCK ALL!

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By Cort,I checked your site for low-dose nlxoreatne b, 17-Oct-2015 13:52
Cort,I checked your site for low-dose nlxoreatne but didn't find anything. Do you know anyone who used this successfully for ME/CFS? Apparently Stanford just published a study but it was aimed at fibro patients (n=30).Thanks.Kristi
By Cort,I checked your site for low-dose nlratexone b, 19-Oct-2015 19:04
Cort,I checked your site for low-dose nlratexone but didn't find anything. Do you know anyone who used this successfully for ME/CFS? Apparently Stanford just published a study but it was aimed at fibro patients (n=30).Thanks.Kristi
By This is a very timely wake-up call to all of us. T, 23-Dec-2015 13:06
This is a very timely wake-up call to all of us. This is no small mtater and not mere squabbling or negativity, this is the groundswell of the patient community waking up and taking control of our very serious situation. We are at a critical turning point with powerful forces doing all they can to destroy XMRV/PMRV research and keep the CFS nightmare going.Every media opportunity is extremely important now, and McCleary and Vernon have shown their contempt for us with their exceptionally damaging statements. This is incredibly harmful to the already distorted public image of the disease and helps the newspapers continue to focus on the negative studies while the the truth gets white-washed again. How can anyone justify the salaries these people take to ruin us?Our lives are on the line and we are going to stand up and be counted! We will not be controlled by CAA or the Phoenix Rising/Cort cult – the evangelical CAA mouthpiece.
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